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Nov 27, 2015:
@MurrellDan I'm feasting on a Jessica jones power watch! So I got to ask Daredevil or Jessica jones? #danmrrell#jessicajones#daredevil
Nov 27, 2015:
RT @andysignore: Thankful for my 1) family, 2) a rare weekday off allowing me to get drunk off Marula Fruit Cream & 3) all of you!! https:/?
Nov 25, 2015:
RT @MurrellDan: Marvel conjured more hype for #CivilWar in 6 hours than most studios can do in 6 months https://t.co/tepwR12Jvf

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Dec 5, 2015 Lombard, IL
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Devil in the Lake re-issue out now !!

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